Thursday, 14 March 2013

Can you Afford £10 per Week to Significantly Help Your Business?

Can you afford £10 a week to significantly help your business reach its market? That's what we're offering you with this Social Media Management entry level package.

We all know that social media is important to help you reach your market online. However, we also know that many people either aren't that comfortable using social media platforms and don't have the time and resources to make themselves as efficient as they need to be.

That's where we come in. For only £10 per week we can work with you to get your content, news, stories, competitions, offers etc to your market. PLUS, if you're an Inverclyde Business you can also benefit from our 10,000+ local followers because we'll also promote you to them for free, included in your weekly fee (see below for more info)

We start with your piece of content and then use the most appropriate social media platform to reach your market. So, if you have a photo we can promote that through your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Account. If you have a video, we'll promote that on You Tube and link to it via your other social media channels. If it's an article, we'll put it into a Blog and promote it via your other Channels.

Now, here's the great part about our offer. Even if you don't have a Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or Linkedin Page or Blog, we'll set one up for you. For £10 per week your business can have professional social media platforms on all the major platforms and have your content marketed by proven experts in the field to reach your target market.

You can afford £10 a week for that can't you? Here's how it works...

Here's our view of how to grow your business using social media. You produce a good piece of content; We then market that content through your social social media channels; We then engage with people who take an interest in your content and through that you grow your following. Every piece of content should add another layer of followers to your business just like the rings in a tree trunk. Except that with social media you don't have to wait a year to add another layer; you can add 2 or 3 a week or even 2 or 3 a day if you take the time!

With our Social Media Management Entry Package you still have absolute control over your Business because you're still in charge of producing the content.

What we then do for you is to take that content and take it to your market via your most appropriate Social Media Platform. And if you don't have that platform, we'll create it for you. PLUS If you're an Inverclyde Business you also get free promotion by us to our 10,000 local followers.

Once we market your content, we'll also check your platforms daily to see if there has been interaction and engagement. We'll then answer on your behalf if appropriate and if it isn't we'll let you know so that you can respond.

In summary, here's the sort of services we can provide for you for your £10 per week;
  • If you don't yet have a Facebook Page or Twitter Account or Google+ Page or Linkedin Company Page or Blog etc we'll create one for you. We've done this dozens of times for clients. It'll look great and will reflect really well on your company
  • We'll take the content that you create and market that on the most appropriate platform 
  • We'll promote your content in local forums and basically attract relevant followers to your brand
  • We'll engage with people who comment on your post and refer to you where appropriate
  • We'll categorise your followers so that future content can be targeted to the most appropriate market
  • We'll give you a monthly report telling you what progress you've made. 
What you get for your £10 per week is an hour of our time per week. Don't confuse our hour on Social Media with your Hour on Social Media. We can do a LOT for your company in an hour. In an hour we could be marketing 2 pieces of content a week on your behalf or creating you a new Social Media Platform. £10 per week will significantly progress your company's brand and profile.

Just think of the cumulative effect. In a year you can have thousands of new followers; professionally managed social media platforms and LOTS of new business - all for only £10 per week.

If you're interested or would like the chance for some further discussion, just contact us at the details below.


Willie Wilson
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Willie Wilson
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My Town Homepage
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