Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Want to Start a New Business? My Town Homepage Franchises now available in 32 Regions throughout Scotland.

Getting started in business can often be an long, arduous and expensive journey. We've taken all of that away from you by doing all of the groundwork for you. 

My Town Homepage is now ready to be franchised in 32 regional areas throughout Scotland for our initial offer price of only £1,200+vat per region per year. This offer price won't be available for long. Once we have a few franchises on board then our franchise fee will increase significantly to reflect this. 

Our ready made Business Plan is ready to be implemented in your area and we have a template for success already proven in the Inverclyde area of Scotland. 

If you're looking to get started in business and you have a passion for building and working within your local community then one of our Franchises will be ideal for you. 

Your Franchise includes the use of our ready made, modern website where you'll be able to offer Daily Deals, Special Offers, Classified Adverts, a Business Directory, Request a Quote, News, Notices and Events to the people in your area. We also have a template for building your followers using Social Media. Our Facebook Page in the Inverclyde area already has over 9000 people following us. 

You will be given full training and support of how we have implemented My Town Homepage in Inverclyde which you'll be able to use to get quickly established in your area. We'll also be establishing mentoring sessions with other franchise holders so that you can learn from their experiences and help each other grow your business as quickly as possible.

For further information and a no obligation discussion, please contact My Town Homepage Managing Director, Willie Wilson, at one of the contact points below.  

Visit the My Town Homepage Website
Visit the My Town Homepage Inverclyde Facebook Page
Visit the MTH Inverclyde Twitter Page
Visit my Linkedin Profile 

Email me at admin@mytownhomepage.co.uk
Telephone me at 07932 644455

Monday, 25 June 2012

Where are you on our Social Media Evolution Scale?

Where are you on our Social Media Evolution Scale? 

1. Never thought of it - What's social media, you say? (you might need Training, Management, Manual #1)

2. Thinking about it - You've heard of social media but you still haven't really used it and you need convincing of its merits (Training, Management, Manual #1)

3. Agree it could be useful but not started yet - You've decided that social media could be for you and your company but you don't really know where to start. (Training, Management, Manual #1)

4. You need to grow - You already have a company presence on at least one social media platform but you only have a handful of followers. You need to start growing! (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #2)

5. You've hit a Wall - You dipped your toe into social media. You quickly got a reasonable amount of followers but you've now reached a plateau and you're not sure how to progress. (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #2)

6. You're growing steadily but you need to accelerate! - You've done well to get established, you have a good number of followers but you need to pick up the pace. (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #3)

7. Time to expand - You've done well on a social media platform but you'd like to know more. You'd like to get your company on other social media platforms and reach new markets (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #3, Manual #4)

8. You think you've gone as far as you can - You've done well on social media but you might have taken your company as far as you can go. You need new ideas and inspiration. (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #3, Manual #4) 

9. You're really good but you want to be really great! - You'd like to take the extra step you need to be a true social media expert! (Become friends with us so we can learn from each other) 

10. You're at the cutting edge! - You want to share your knowledge with others. (Tell us how you do it!) 

At MY TOWN HOMEPAGE we can help your business reach the next level regardless of what stage you're at in your Social Media Evolution, whether it's...

  • Assessment - Where are you on the Social Media Evolution? - Free Analysis
  • Training - Introduction, Basics, Advanced - Free Manuals and Bespoke Training from only £15 per Hour
  • Establish - We Can Get you Started on Your Social Media Journey - From £30
  • Promote - Publicise You through our own Network of Followers - £40 per month
  • Strategy - Your 10 Point Social Media Health Check - Your Strategy From £49
  • Growth - We guarantee to grow your Likes OR followers - From only £10 per month
  • Management - Let us Manage Your Social Media - £49 per month or £499 per year
  • Entry Level Support - Find out what we can do for you for £10 per week

  • For more information on My Town Homepage and what we can do to help your company, just follow any of the links above or contact us at admin@mytownhomepage.co.uk or call 07932 644455. 

    Willie Wilson
    Managing Director
    My Town Homepage
    07932 644455
    Website - http://www.mytownhomepage.co.uk
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mthsocialmedia
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mytownhomepageinverclyde
    Linkedin - http://uk.linkedin.com/in/williewilson1

    Sunday, 10 June 2012

    Social Media Strategy Development

    What are the Social Media skills and knowledge your company needs to help you reach your market? We have two products that can help you determine a strategic way forward. 

    1. 10 Point Social Media Health Check 

    We believe that this Health Check can help any Business in Scotland to effectively assess where you are at on your Social Media journey and will signpost what you can practically do to reach the next level in the short and medium term. 

    My Town Homepage is a social media company who do more than just talk theory. Our Facebook Pages have over 10,000 followers in Inverclyde alone and we are by far the most “Talked About” in our area meaning that more people engage with us in Social Media than any other company in our part of Scotland.

    We’d like to offer you the chance to take advantage of our social media skills and practical experience by giving your company a SOCIAL MEDIA BUSINESS HEALTH CHECK. This assessment involves an initial meeting between us which can take place in person or over the phone. During this 45- 60 minute appointment we will find out as much as we can about your company and listen to where you are at in your social media journey. Then within 5 working days we will produce a comprehensive and detailed 10 POINT HEALTH CHECK REPORT in which will give you our assessment of what you can do in the short and medium term to take your company forward using social media.

    This Health Check will be relevant regardless of whether you are absolute beginners in social media through to experienced users. We believe our skills and experience in actually delivering and reaching audiences can help you take the next step for your company regardless of your level of expertise.

    Our 10 POINT HEALTH CHECK REPORT will look at the following areas

    1. Should your company be using social media at all?
    2. Are you on the correct social media platform for your company?
    3. Who/what is your target market?
    4. Where does this market exist on Social Media?
    5. Our assessment of how you can reach your market through social media
    6. Our assessment of how you can build your community
    7. Our assessment of how you can improve your current social media platforms
    8. What social media skills you and your team have and what you need
    9. Your initial short and medium term social media goals
    10. How My Town Homepage can help you on your journey

    We will spend between 3 - 5 hours on each assessment meaning that our normal fee for this service of £100 represents excellent value for money. We will normally arrange telephone interviews for Businesses outwith Inverclyde however face-to-face meetings can still take place assuming travelling expenses can be met. 

    For a limited period we have reduced our fee to only £49

    2. Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

    Our other Strategy Offer is for your company to receive a comprehensive Social Media Strategy which will specifically set out what your company needs to do to move forward with Social Media in the next 12 months and beyond.
    We explore issues such as; What your social media needs are... Which platforms might be right for you... Your team's training and knowledge gaps... Understanding content marketing... Understanding social media... Using social media safely for your company... What your goals and targets will be for the future.... Who/what is your target market... Where your market exist on Social Media... How you can reach your market through social media... How you can build your online community... The strategy document will enable you to be more knowledgeable about how to use social media to meet your company's aims and objectives. 

    With this product we have an initial 60-90 minute meeting or conversation with you after which we will produce a draft strategy within 10 working days where we outline what your company's short and long term social media targets will be. The cost of this service is £99

    If you would like to book an appointment please contact us on admin@mytownhomepage.co.uk or telephone 07932 644455. You can also visit our Social Media Page
    If you think this might not be for you, check out our other services. 

    • Assessment - Where are you on the Social Media Evolution? - Free Analysis
    • Training - Introduction, Basics, Advanced - Free Manuals and Bespoke Training from only £15 per Hour
    • Establish - We Can Get you Started on Your Social Media Journey - From £30
    • Promote - Publicise You through our own Network of Followers - £40 per month
    • Strategy - Your 10 Point Social Media Health Check - Your Strategy From £49
    • Growth - We guarantee to grow your Likes OR followers - From only £10 per month
    • Management - Let us Manage Your Social Media - £49 per month or £499 per year
    • Entry Level Support - Find out what we can do for you for £10 per week
    • Friday, 18 May 2012

      Social Media Presentation Notes

      The following notes refer to the notation marks on the Presentations which were sent to the participants in the "Getting Started in Social Media" Training Course help in the Business Store on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th July 2012

      Introduction to My Town Homepage
      Note [1] - Link to My Town Homepage Website ; Facebook Page; Email ; 07932 644455

      Creating Pages 
      [2]  Pages can only be added by individuals not by companies. 
      [3]  1 - Go to "Home". 2 - Scroll to bottom of right column. 3 - click "more". 4- click "Create a Page" 
      [4]  1 - click the arrow in the top right of the Home Page; 2 - click "Create a Page" at the bottom of that page 
      [5]  Easiest way - follow this link - http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

      Editing the "About Us" Section
      [6]  1- Click on the "About" Section 2- Click on any of the "Edit" boxes. 3- Use the left column to edit your settings
      [7]  First time, go through each section in order.

      Navigating the Timeline
      [8] The Admin Panel - see Page 5 "Pages Product Guide"
      [9] Apps - see page 2 "Pages Product Guide"
      [10] Page Chooser
      [11] Feature Boxes - these are the boxes on the right column near the top of the Page and comprise the following
      - Friends - See details of which of your Friends like the Page 
      - Recent Posts by Others - This is a snap shot of posts that have been posted by people other than the Page Owners
      - Featured Likes - The 5 people you have chosen to be your Featured Likes from the "Featured" Section of your settings. 
      - Activity - Some highlights of recent things you've done on your Page
      [12] See Page 7 - item 9 of the "Pages Product Guide"
      [13] This appears at the top of your page when you scroll down past your cover photo 

      Types of Status Updates
      Basic Updates
      [14] Check out this training video - http://youtu.be/Fnw-Z51Qu_k  

      [15] To Create an Album - 1- Click on "Photo" in the Apps Bar. 2-Click "Add Photos" at the top of the Page. 
      To post a photo into an Album - 1 Click on "Photo" in the Apps Bar 2- Click on the Album 3- Click "Add photos" 
      Some photo tips - 
      • To share a photo (1) - 1 - click on the photo 2- copy the address of the photo (the text in the "Browser bar" at the top of the Page which begins www.facebook.com/.....) 3- Paste this address into a status update to link to the photo. 
      • To Share a Photo (2) - Click on "Share" under the photo in the Album. 
      • Create Albums to be like the sections of your website. 
      To find Notes click on the icon in the Apps Bar or use the Navigation Bar (see [13] above)
      1. To write a Note click "Write Note" in top right corner
      2. To Share a Note 1- Click on the Note Title to open it. 2- click "Share" at the bottom of the Note

      To go to Insights click on the graph in the "Admin Panel"
      The Overview Section will give you the following
      • Total "Likes"
      • The number of "Friends" you can reach from all your "Likes"
      • The people "talking about us". This is the key number for engagement. Make this higher than 5%. Try to get between 10% and 20%
      • The number of people you've reached in the last week. 
      • Details of individual Posts
      The "Likes" Section will give you the following
      • The gender and age of the people who "Like" your Page
      • Where your Likes came from
      The "Reach" Section will give you the following
      • The gender and age of the people you've reached
      • Where they came from
      • How they reached your Page
      • How frequently they use your Page
      The "Talking About This" Section will give you the following
      • The gender and age of the people actively engaging in your Page
      • Where they've come from

      To reach Adverts click on "Build Audience" in the Admin Panel. 
      Try different scenarios to suit your Business
      Check the "Estimated Reach in the right column
      To see your previous campaigns (if you have any) click on "Advertising" at the bottom of the Page


      To see GroSocial go here - http://www.grosocial.com/
      To see TabSite - go here http://www.tabsite.com/
      To see FundRazr - go here - https://fundrazr.com/
      To see Payvment - go here - http://www.payvment.com/

      Other Social Media Platforms 

      Twitter [20]

      What is Linkedin - http://youtu.be/ZVlUwwgOfKw
      Creating a Linkedin Profile - http://learn.linkedin.com/profiles/overview/
      Linkedin Learning Centre - http://learn.linkedin.com/what-is-linkedin/


      You Tube[23]

      Google + [24]

      Pintrest [25]
      Where to find it - http://pinterest.com/

      Other Items of Interest[26]

      Social Media - Great Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eUeL3n7fDs