Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Online Project Hosting and Promotion

We have an interesting new service on My Town Homepage that is sure to appeal to many Businesses, Voluntary Groups, Public Sector Agencies and Community Organisations. It's ideal for events, projects and promotions. 

Here's the scenario. You have a project or a piece of work that you're currently undertaking. What you'd like however is for someone to put the details of your project online (Website and Social Media), spread the word about the project to your target audiences and regularly post updates on progress. 

Not only will it give you new audiences for your project but it will also provide you with an online timeline of progress and provide an evidence trail of the success of your project. This will be particularly important if you  have been given funding for your project by a third party and will need to provide update reports and an end-of-project-report. 

This is exactly what we're offering you with our new service on My Town Homepage. Here's the details of what you would get from us with this offer; 

Project Hosting

  1. We'll put details of your Project online on the My Town Homepage Website with the address" This will give your project a place to be found by search engines on the Internet and a place that your clients and the public can be referred to for the overall information on your Project. From here people can be referred to the other online social media platforms we'll set up for you for your project
  2. We'll set up and build your Project appropriate social media channels. i.e. we'll put your project on the best channels for its target markets e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube etc
Project Promotion

  1. We'll promote your project online to your target audiences. We're social media experts and used to finding our target markets for us and our clients. We'll promote the presence of your project through the channels identified above along with the updates that we'll talk about below. 
  2. We'll promote your project using a combination of online and social media channels. This way awareness of your project will have the best chance to grow. 
  3. If you come from the Inverclyde area of Scotland you can have the additional bonus of benefiting from our 10,000+ following in the area. 
Project Updates

  1. With regular updates form you, we'll share this information for you across all the social media platforms we've set up. 
  2. Once the update has been passed to us, we'll share it online and engage on your behalf to anyone who interacts with the update
  3. This will ensure that your project follower figures will grow. 
  4. It will also provide a chronological record of all activity and interaction with your project. 
Project Analysis and Reporting

  1. We have many years of experience at writing reports and analysing data. We would be happy to compile a progress report on your project or an end-of-project report based on the updates that have been posted and the interaction with these updates. 
  2. This will be particularly important if you have to report on the Project to external funders or a Board of Management. 
We would be happy to provide you with an all-inclusive quotation for the above service which we can provide from as little as £10 per week over the duration of your project. Projects vary in terms of size and complexity and so too will the input required by us. That's why it will be better to discuss your proposal in detail with you. 

Details of how to contact us and details of some of our other work are given below. 

  • Assessment - Where are you on the Social Media Evolution? - Free Analysis
  • Training - Introduction, Basics, Advanced - Free Manuals and Bespoke Training from only £15 per Hour
  • Establish - We Can Get you Started on Your Social Media Journey - From £30
  • Promote - Publicise You through our own Network of Followers - £40 per month
  • Strategy - Your 10 Point Social Media Health Check - Your Strategy From £49
  • Growth - We guarantee to grow your Likes OR followers - From only £10 per month
  • Management - Let us Manage Your Social Media - £49 per month or £499 per year
  • Entry Level Support - Find out what we can do for you for £10 per week

  • If you would like any further information on anything discussed above please contact Willie Wilson on the details below.

    Willie Wilson
    Managing Director
    My Town Homepage
    Tel - 07932 644455
    Website -
    Facebook -
    Facebook -
    Linkedin -

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