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Social Media Presentation Notes

The following notes refer to the notation marks on the Presentations which were sent to the participants in the "Getting Started in Social Media" Training Course help in the Business Store on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th July 2012

Introduction to My Town Homepage
Note [1] - Link to My Town Homepage Website ; Facebook Page; Email ; 07932 644455

Creating Pages 
[2]  Pages can only be added by individuals not by companies. 
[3]  1 - Go to "Home". 2 - Scroll to bottom of right column. 3 - click "more". 4- click "Create a Page" 
[4]  1 - click the arrow in the top right of the Home Page; 2 - click "Create a Page" at the bottom of that page 
[5]  Easiest way - follow this link -

Editing the "About Us" Section
[6]  1- Click on the "About" Section 2- Click on any of the "Edit" boxes. 3- Use the left column to edit your settings
[7]  First time, go through each section in order.

Navigating the Timeline
[8] The Admin Panel - see Page 5 "Pages Product Guide"
[9] Apps - see page 2 "Pages Product Guide"
[10] Page Chooser
[11] Feature Boxes - these are the boxes on the right column near the top of the Page and comprise the following
- Friends - See details of which of your Friends like the Page 
- Recent Posts by Others - This is a snap shot of posts that have been posted by people other than the Page Owners
- Featured Likes - The 5 people you have chosen to be your Featured Likes from the "Featured" Section of your settings. 
- Activity - Some highlights of recent things you've done on your Page
[12] See Page 7 - item 9 of the "Pages Product Guide"
[13] This appears at the top of your page when you scroll down past your cover photo 

Types of Status Updates
Basic Updates
[14] Check out this training video -  

[15] To Create an Album - 1- Click on "Photo" in the Apps Bar. 2-Click "Add Photos" at the top of the Page. 
To post a photo into an Album - 1 Click on "Photo" in the Apps Bar 2- Click on the Album 3- Click "Add photos" 
Some photo tips - 
  • To share a photo (1) - 1 - click on the photo 2- copy the address of the photo (the text in the "Browser bar" at the top of the Page which begins 3- Paste this address into a status update to link to the photo. 
  • To Share a Photo (2) - Click on "Share" under the photo in the Album. 
  • Create Albums to be like the sections of your website. 
To find Notes click on the icon in the Apps Bar or use the Navigation Bar (see [13] above)
1. To write a Note click "Write Note" in top right corner
2. To Share a Note 1- Click on the Note Title to open it. 2- click "Share" at the bottom of the Note

To go to Insights click on the graph in the "Admin Panel"
The Overview Section will give you the following
  • Total "Likes"
  • The number of "Friends" you can reach from all your "Likes"
  • The people "talking about us". This is the key number for engagement. Make this higher than 5%. Try to get between 10% and 20%
  • The number of people you've reached in the last week. 
  • Details of individual Posts
The "Likes" Section will give you the following
  • The gender and age of the people who "Like" your Page
  • Where your Likes came from
The "Reach" Section will give you the following
  • The gender and age of the people you've reached
  • Where they came from
  • How they reached your Page
  • How frequently they use your Page
The "Talking About This" Section will give you the following
  • The gender and age of the people actively engaging in your Page
  • Where they've come from

To reach Adverts click on "Build Audience" in the Admin Panel. 
Try different scenarios to suit your Business
Check the "Estimated Reach in the right column
To see your previous campaigns (if you have any) click on "Advertising" at the bottom of the Page


To see GroSocial go here -
To see TabSite - go here
To see FundRazr - go here -
To see Payvment - go here -

Other Social Media Platforms 

Twitter [20]

What is Linkedin -
Creating a Linkedin Profile -
Linkedin Learning Centre -


You Tube[23]

Google + [24]

Pintrest [25]
Where to find it -

Other Items of Interest[26]

Social Media - Great Video

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