Monday, 25 June 2012

Where are you on our Social Media Evolution Scale?

Where are you on our Social Media Evolution Scale? 

1. Never thought of it - What's social media, you say? (you might need Training, Management, Manual #1)

2. Thinking about it - You've heard of social media but you still haven't really used it and you need convincing of its merits (Training, Management, Manual #1)

3. Agree it could be useful but not started yet - You've decided that social media could be for you and your company but you don't really know where to start. (Training, Management, Manual #1)

4. You need to grow - You already have a company presence on at least one social media platform but you only have a handful of followers. You need to start growing! (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #2)

5. You've hit a Wall - You dipped your toe into social media. You quickly got a reasonable amount of followers but you've now reached a plateau and you're not sure how to progress. (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #2)

6. You're growing steadily but you need to accelerate! - You've done well to get established, you have a good number of followers but you need to pick up the pace. (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #3)

7. Time to expand - You've done well on a social media platform but you'd like to know more. You'd like to get your company on other social media platforms and reach new markets (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #3, Manual #4)

8. You think you've gone as far as you can - You've done well on social media but you might have taken your company as far as you can go. You need new ideas and inspiration. (Training, Growth, Management, Manual #3, Manual #4) 

9. You're really good but you want to be really great! - You'd like to take the extra step you need to be a true social media expert! (Become friends with us so we can learn from each other) 

10. You're at the cutting edge! - You want to share your knowledge with others. (Tell us how you do it!) 

At MY TOWN HOMEPAGE we can help your business reach the next level regardless of what stage you're at in your Social Media Evolution, whether it's...

  • Assessment - Where are you on the Social Media Evolution? - Free Analysis
  • Training - Introduction, Basics, Advanced - Free Manuals and Bespoke Training from only £15 per Hour
  • Establish - We Can Get you Started on Your Social Media Journey - From £30
  • Promote - Publicise You through our own Network of Followers - £40 per month
  • Strategy - Your 10 Point Social Media Health Check - Your Strategy From £49
  • Growth - We guarantee to grow your Likes OR followers - From only £10 per month
  • Management - Let us Manage Your Social Media - £49 per month or £499 per year
  • Entry Level Support - Find out what we can do for you for £10 per week

  • For more information on My Town Homepage and what we can do to help your company, just follow any of the links above or contact us at or call 07932 644455. 

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