Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Be a Promoted Business in Inverclyde with My Town Homepage

5 Reasons Why Inverclyde Companies and Organisations Should Use My Town Homepage

We thought we'd spend a couple of minutes highlighting for you some reasons why local companies and organisations should work with My Town Homepage. 

1. Your Facebook Posts only reach 5-10% of your Followers

You do the maths. If you've got, say, 200 followers ("Likes" or "Friends") then your Facebook Posts will only reach between 10 and 20 people. We've got over 10,000 followers (Friends, Subscribers and Likes). When we post something for you it'll reach between 500 and 1000 people. Then, once people "Like" or "Share" or "Comment" on your post, it'll reach anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 local people.

2. We're MUCH better value than our competitors. 

It costs £10 per week to use our services. For that we share your content to our Facebook and Twitter (1000) followers several times per week. That means that around 4,000 - 6,000 individual people would see your content every week. Compare that to the cost of other local services.

3. Our Posts are seen by over 22,000 people EVERY WEEK. 

From the 7th to the 13th March our posts were seen by over 22,000 separate people, and that was just a normal week. It's been a LOT more than that in some weeks in the past. Your company or organisation could get a share of that audience.

4. We can help your own Page grow. 

We can get you more followers too. Using our services will help you get more followers. The more followers you get the better it'll be for your own content in the future.

5. The longer you're with us the more you get. 

1 week - We get you to reach our followers 3-4 times per week on Facebook and 4 times per week on Twitter (1000 followers)

2 weeks - You get 2 weeks promotion + a free one-month advert on our website

4 weeks - You get 4 weeks promotion + a one-month advert on our website + an hour of our Social Media Consultancy service. With that we could give you an hour's free training or we could build or improve your Facebook Page or Twitter Page.
We've re-designed our services to make it simple. £10 per week - that's it! No minimum contract. The longer you're with us, the more you get. Send us a message if you'd like us to help you.  

If you think this might not be for you, check out our other services. 

  • Assessment - Where are you on the Social Media Evolution? - Free Analysis
  • Training - Introduction, Basics, Advanced - Free Manuals and Bespoke Training from only £15 per Hour
  • Establish - We Can Get you Started on Your Social Media Journey - From £30
  • Promote - Publicise You through our own Network of Followers - £40 per month
  • Strategy - Your 10 Point Social Media Health Check - Your Strategy From £49
  • Growth - We guarantee to grow your Likes OR followers - From only £10 per month
  • Management - Let us Manage Your Social Media - £49 per month or £499 per year
  • Entry Level Support - Find out what we can do for you for £10 per week

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