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Training Manual #3 - Facebook Advanced for Businesses

Welcome to Training Manual #3 - Facebook Advanced for Businesses.

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    This document is a step-by-step guide through the items which were discussed during Session 3 of the “Social Media for Business” Training Course organised by My Town Homepage in and delivered recently to local organisations including Greenock Chamber of Commerce.

    This session covers “Advanced Facebook” and should give most businesses a guide to what they need to know to use Facebook at a more advanced level.  

    The key topics to be discussed in this Manual are as follows;

    • Timeline Advanced Features

      • Using your Timeline as a Profile or Page
      • Scheduling and Targeting
      • Adding Apps
    • Advanced Settings
    • Insights
    • Facebook Adverts
    • Session 4 Preview

    1. Timeline Advanced Features

    In this section we discuss some advanced techniques when using your Business Page’s Timeline.

    1.1 Using Your Business Timeline as a Profile - We recommend that you use your Business Page when logged in as you (rather than logged in as your Business Page) as much as possible. There are advantages when using your Timeline as you rather than as your Business.

    1.2 How to log in as Your Business.

    The main way you normally reach your Business Page is to click on the small wheel at the top right corner of your Profile Page. This then gives you the option to “Use Facebook as...” your Business Page.

    When you then reach your Business Page you can tell you’re logged in as your Business Page by looking to see if your Business Page’s Name is at the top right corner of the Page.

    1.3 How to log in as You and not Your Business Page.

    There are 3 main ways that you can reach your Business Page and remain logged in as you. From your Personal Profile Page you can search for your Business Page name in the search bar and connect that way.

    OR you can add a link to your Business Page in the “About Us” Box under your Cover Photo. To set this up just click on the About Us Box and “Edit” the “Work and Education” Section. If you type in the name of your Business Page, Facebook set up a link to it which you’ll be able to see in your About Us Box in future.

    OR from your Personal Profile Page click on “Home” in the top right corner. Once you arrive on your Home Page look at the left column for “Pages”. If you can’t see Pages click on “more” at the bottom of the column. Your Business Page will be in the list of Pages. Click on the name to go to your Page.

    All three of the above options will deliver you to your Business Page but you’ll still be logged in as You. When you land you’ll see something like the image below.

    The note at the top of the image tells you that you’re using your Business Page as You but that when you comment and post and like items it’ll show up as your Business Page. This is what you want to do to achieve the most flexible use of your Business Page. Some reasons follow below.

    1.4 Advantages of Using Your Page as You - Sharing

    One advantage is that you can share your Posts much more widely. As a Page you can only share a post to your Business Page Timeline. As you, you can share your post to a

    1. Your personal timeline
    2. A friend’s timeline
    3. A Group that you’re a member of
    4. Any of the Pages that you’re an Admin for

    1.5 Advantages of Using Your Page as You - Tagging

    Another advantage is that you can tag people in your Photos and Status Updates if you’re logged in as you, whereas you can only tag Pages if you’re logged in as your Page.  
    1.6 Advantages of Using Your Page as You - Interest Lists

    Another advantage is that you can add any Pages or People you find interesting to an “Interest List”. this lets you keep your Facebook contacts organised and lets you easily see what particular groups of people and Pages are talking about, rather than you trying to find them in the full list of everyone that you’re following.
    1.7 Other Timeline Tips - Scheduling

    Scheduling allows you to post Status Update in the future (and the past too if you’re interested in that). To do this just click on the “clock” icon in the Status Update Box and add your year, month, day, hour, minute. Your Update will then be posted at that time even if you’re not logged on. This is a good way for you to prepare all your day’s posts at one time so that they are spread throughout the day.

    1.8 Other Timeline Tips - Targeting

    Targeting allows you to target Updates to specific sectors of the people who like your Page. Your posts only naturally reach between 5% and 10% of the total number of people who Like your Page. This can increase when people engage with your Post by Liking, Commenting and Sharing however targeting can also help you get the most out of your Updates.

    In order to have targeting enabled on your Status Updates you need to have the appropriate settings. To enable targeting;

    1. Click on Edit Page in the top right corner of your Admin Panel
    2. Click on Manage Permissions
    3. Look for “Post privacy gating” at the bottom of the Page
    4. Tick the box
    5. Save settings

    This will ensure that you see the “targeting icon” in the Status Update Box.

    You can then choose to target your posts to a range of filters as shown above.

    1.9 Apps

    Apps are programs that allow you to add more functionality to your Page. You can choose from a wide range of Apps. Some that we have used on My Town Homepage include;

    • Smart Suggest which allows people to share our Page with their Friends
    • You Tube - So that people can easily see our Video Channel
    • Twitter - people can see our last 10 tweets
    • Notes - you can organise any written documents into notes or use your Notes as a Blog Page and let your Friends see.
    • Videos
    • Shop - You can add a shop to your Page for free. We use Payvment but there are others too.
    • Events - You can set up events for your Page in the same way that you can set up events for your Personal Profile
    • Polls - You can ask questions on your Business Page through your Status Update but the Polls App lets you add more detail.
    • Likes - The App is there by default by Facebook and lets you see more info about your Likes
    • Competitions - According to Facebook, the only way you’re allowed to run competitions that encourage people to Like your Page is through Competition Apps. There are lots of companies out there that do this. Most charge a fee. Here’s one we’ve used before.

    Unfortunately adding Apps differs depending on the App you’re using. Some ask you to click the “Go to App” Button, some ask you to click on “Add to my Page”. You’ll have to see which method applies after loading your App.

    How to Find an App - You can use the App Centre, which we recommend if you’re looking for Apps for your Personal Profile. Unfortunately it doesn’t serve business Apps very well. You get to the App Centre by;

    1. Go to your Personal Profile
    2. Click on “Home” at the top of the Page
    3. Look for Apps in the left column.
    4. If it’s not there click on “more” at the bottom of the column.
    5. Click on “App Centre”
    The best way to find Facebook Business Apps is by searching on Google. There are lots of people who have done the groundwork for you. For example here’s one

    We covered the first 5 categories of settings in the last session. In this session we deal with the other 4 categories.

    2 Advanced Settings

    In session 2 we looked at the first 5 categories of settings. In this session we’ll look at the last 4.

    2.1 Resources

    Resources gives links to various areas which users may find interesting. The most useful links we have found include;
    • Best Practices, where you can link to and join the “Facebook Pages” Business Page;
    • Select a Username - assuming you have more than 30 Likes;
    • SEO for your Page, where you can see a useful video.

    2.2 Admin Roles

    This is the section where you can add more Admins to your Business Page. This means that several people can look after a Business Page and have varying degrees of authority depending on how you want to manage your Page. To add an Admin, get the person to Like the Page first and then click on the “Type a name or email” Bar.

    2.3 Apps

    This section lets you edit and remove Apps (default Facebook Apps can’t be removed). In edit, you can sometimes add your own photo for the App.

    2.4 Mobile

    This section is a little antiquated in that it gives you a way to add Status Updates to your Page by email. The best way to do this is by adding the Facebook App to your Smartphone.

    3 Insights

    The Admin Panel on your Business Page gives you a summary of the statistics associated with your Page. By clicking “see all” you can have a look at the full detail of your “insights”. Another way to connect is via the bottom of your settings menu.

    Insights has 4 views as follows;

    3.1 Overview

    Insights Overview is in two parts. The first graph gives you the same info as on your Admin Bar. Most of the parameters are self-explanatory. Let us know if you need any help if defining any of them

    The second part of the Overview Page gives you details on each Update you have recently posted. You can see how each Update has performed and begin to analyse which type of posts do best so that you can repeat them in future. Remember you want posts that give you the best scores for parameters like “Reach”, “Talking about this”, “Virality” etc. If you want to find the best performing Update you can sort the columns by clicking the heading at the top of the column. You can also see how each type of post has done by clicking the “All Post Types” Button on the left of the Page.


    Go to the “Likes” View by clicking Likes at the top of the Overview Insights Page.
    Likes lets you have a closer look at the people who have been Liking your Business Page including their age, gender, location and info on any recent new Likes.

    The info is compiled from the last 4 week’s data but you can set your own dates to analyse.

    3.3 Reach

    “Reach” tells you how your Posts are reaching others including age, gender, location, whether posts were shared, whether users were first time visitors or not, Page Views per day and Unique Users per day,  

    Again the info is compiled from the last 4 week’s data but you can set your own dates to analyse.

    3.4 Talking About This

    “Talking About This” gives you info on the people who are engaging and active on your Page including; gender, age, location.

    3.5 Facebook Further Info

    Facebook has a pdf Guide to Insights which we’ve attached to the notes for this session. If you’d like to download a copy click on the wheel in the top right corner of any Insights Page.

    4 Adverts

    Adverts cost money but can be an effective way for you to reach your target audience. Here’s how you can use Facebook Adverts.

    4.1 Reaching the Adverts Page

    In the Admin Panel, click on Build Audience. Click “Create an Advert”.

    4.2 Creating Adverts

    There are two main types of Adverts; ones that try to get you more Likes and ones that try to promote a particular type of Post. Once you’ve chosen your type of Advert the form will take you through;
    • What your advert will look like
    • whether to use Sponsored Stories (we recommend this)
    • What audience it is aimed at
    • The budget for your campaign which can be set as a daily amount or for a set amount
    • Optimisation - i.e. whether you let Facebook automatically set the cost of your advert clicks or whether you set the amount yourself. If you set an amount lower than Facebook’s recommended lower amount, be aware that your advert may not be shown on your target audience’s Pages.

    5 Conclusion and Next Training Manual

    5.1 The above information sets out the information you need to know to use Facebook effectively for your Business at a relatively advanced level. Session 4 will look at Facebook and Twitter and how to use them together.

    If you would like any further information on anything discussed in this Information Manual please contact Willie Wilson on the details below.

    My Town Homepage also offers bespoke targeted Social Media Training to meet your company’s needs whatever your level of expertise. We offer both 1-to-1 training and Group sessions and both are highly affordable starting from only £20 inc vat per hour.

    Willie Wilson
    Managing Director
    My Town Homepage
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