Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Let us Manage your Social Media for less than £10 per week

We all know that Social Media is important for your Business but we all don't have the time to make it happen. My Town Homepage is offering you the chance to have us look after your Social Media for less than £10 per week! 

My Town Homepage is one of Inverclyde's busiest Social Media Platforms. Through our website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Blog we have over 10,000 people following us. That's a valuable resource if you're a business in Inverclyde because it means that we could be sharing content and links from your company with our followers. 

We also are experienced at setting up Companies and establishing them on Social Media. So even if you're not from Inverclyde, we know how to set you up and share your content online so that you get new and regular followers. 

We're also aware however that what we do needs to be measurable so here's what you'll get for your money.

Social Media Management Package - £49 per month or £499 per year (that's less than £10 per week!) 

The information below sets out our Terms and Conditions for our Social Media Management Package. They set out what we expect from you and what you can expect from us when you agree to take out this Package 

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions My Town Homepage will; 
  • Design and build any number of new Social Media Platforms for you if you don't have them yet, subject to your approval 
  • Improve the look and design of your current Platforms, subject to your approval 
  • Guarantee to grow your Social Media followers by a pre-agreed Target
  • If we are failing to reach the Target you can break our agreement at any time. 
  • If we fail to reach the Target, we will give you a discount based on our performance. For example if we only reach half the Target, we will discount half your fee. 
  • If we exceed the Target we will not charge you any extra. You only pay the pre-agreed Fee 
  • Monitor all posts on your Pages on a regular basis (at least once every 48 hours) 
  • Answer on your behalf, any queries by customers that do not require your specific input
  • Be responsible for any content that we put on your Pages
  • Refer any queries to you that we can't answer. 
  • Run competitions, promotions, offers etc to help your Pages reach the Monthly Target, subject to your approval. 
  • Give you a substantial discount if you pay for a 12 month Contract as one payment at the start of the Contract. 
By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you will;
  • Agree to take out at least a 6 month Contract for this Service
  • Agree to pay our "Monthly Fee", monthly in advance, or in a one-off payment (10% discount)
  • Agree the Targets with us
  • Still be ultimately responsible for the content that you put on your Pages
  • Provide answers to any posts or queries we refer to you to answer
  • Provide prizes and offers as you see fit to help promote your page. 
  • Still be able to post on your Pages as well as us. In effect the content on your Pages will be a partnership between My Town Homepage and you. 

If you think this might not be for you, check out our other services. 

  • Assessment - Where are you on the Social Media Evolution? - Free Analysis
  • Training - Introduction, Basics, Advanced - Free Manuals and Bespoke Training from only £15 per Hour
  • Establish - We Can Get you Started on Your Social Media Journey - From £30
  • Promote - Publicise You through our own Network of Followers - £40 per month
  • Strategy - Your 10 Point Social Media Health Check - Your Strategy From £49
  • Growth - We guarantee to grow your Likes OR followers - From only £10 per month
  • Management - Let us Manage Your Social Media - £49 per month or £499 per year
  • Entry Level Support - Find out what we can do for you for £10 per week

  • Willie Wilson
    Managing Director
    My Town Homepage
    07932 644455
    Website - http://www.mytownhomepage.co.uk
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mthsocialmedia
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mytownhomepageinverclyde
    Linkedin - http://uk.linkedin.com/in/williewilson1

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